Five hundred years ago it was a time when Kaliya was over taken by the orc Tangor.

Lucky though there was a small group of heroes that survived the Days of War.

These heroes knew that if they were to survive they would need to find Eria.

When they got there, there were saddened to find that the Leakia had abandoned this land many years before.

They had faith however that good would prevail in this world so they knew what they had to do. They rebuilt. They fixed the city up and turned it into what we now know as Neriaway.

The Heroes had always planed on going back down to Kaliya and saving it from the horrors of Tangor, but they were so caught up in there new lives they ended up forgetting about their old lives entirely. They would never tell the rest of the town what was beneath there world. So naturally myths began. There were some that said it was a giant ocean or that it was a lush landscape that was beautiful and bountiful. The only thing left from the old world are the ruins of the Kaliyan portal.

Five hundred years later you find yourself here in Neriaway. Living on this peaceful island in the sky. Unknowing of the dangers that lay beneath.

Over World